Tips for carpet cleaning Part2

The basic cleaning in the winter:

It was seen in earlier times as many carpet in the garden sag for the hardworking housewife or maid could beat him with the carpet beater, so many homeowners use it still in the winter for thorough carpet cleaning. To do this you only need a piece of meadow, which is in winter covered in snow, or one that snowed terrace, so you can put the carpets of the house with the top on the snow here.

Now the carpet beater used again and after a proper treatment you should hang up the carpet so that it can dry again. If you use a carpet already a long time, then also unpleasant odors can accumulate there . This can be used for carpet cleaning soda, which one should it true it generously and then it should leave for a while. Now comes the vacuum cleaner again used and the carpet smelling fresh again.

Those who want to use the tips of his grandmother in carpet and mattress cleaning, which is also know the trick with the grated raw potato. This one uses for brushing in order to get a fresh carpet in the most beautiful colors. Many free musically crown no human verification a home, however, estimates its a shaving cream as the panacea for carpet cleaning, so you should remove red wine stains without much trouble again himself.

Conclusion: If one has tried the carpet cleaning by conventional means have failed, then you should still make every effort to try to clean the carpets good times with the tips and tricks of grandma once, because sauerkraut, salt and even shaving cream brings clean carpets.