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Carpet cleaning with the cleaning powder Kobosan

When you clean with Kobosan after a few hours it still smells wonderfully fresh Wave.

First, it sucks the carpet with the EB 360 thoroughly. Man would indeed not ultimately incorporate the dust, lint or similar with.

Then Frischerkit is used. The Frischerkit consists of 2 brushes, which are situated in green tapes. Push to open the hood just the yellow button.

Then you simply fold back the cover to elastic until it clicks . Then , partition the Kobosan . The Kobosan is an allergen- reduced powder for cleaning and maintenance of carpets. It reduces effective and proven resoiling of carpets by dry dirt . It frees the carpets of dust, bacteria , dust mites, dust mite feces and mold spores and thus acts also allergen-reducing.

This slightly wet powder can be applied to carpeting to 1.5cm pile height.

Ingredients: Kobosan consists of cellulose , 5% anionic surfactants, polymers, perfume, preservatives and water . Cellulose is the substance prepared from the even handkerchiefs . Surfactants are constantly necessary as they will loosen grease and other dirt. What is fat and smeared dirt?

Fat and smeared dirt is what a simple vacuum cleaner can not remove it, because he just sits too deep in the fiber of the carpet. Only through intensive cleaning this dirt can be removed. Fat and smeared dirt will emerge through the constant entering the carpeted areas , through cooking and by the simple use of a carpet.

Everyone has it, but no one really sees him. Becomes visible on to the carpet, which had a high pile when buying new and with time glued and ausehen flatter. At such points, this kind of dirt is visible and accurately you will then start Kobosan.